Looking At The Importance Of Urgent Care Centers

Going to your local urgent care clinic is likely to be ideal for a number of reasons, especially if you are a person who does not have health insurance or are even just a person that does not have the time to go see your general care practitioner during their office hours. The local urgent […]

Here’s Really What to Do When Someone Breaks a Bone

On average, each year in the U.S. six million people will break a bone. Do you know what to do if it happens to you or someone around you? Here are some simple steps to follow. Does it seem like the fracture is in the person’s spine, skull, or neck? If so, avoid moving them […]

Do You Need Quick Medical Attention? An Urgent Care Facility May Be Best

If you’ve ever experienced a sudden sports injury, food poisoning or even a sinus infection, you may have wondered if you had any other recourse for immediate treatment other than an emergency room. In fact, an urgent care facility in your area may be the right alternative in certain non-fatal cases. In 2010, the Rand […]

Urgent Care in Littleton CO

Today, there are roughly 129,000 people in the US who are employed by urgent care centers. There are only a few states that require physician ownership of centers for urgent care, those being California, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, New York, and New Jersey. Although the urgent care movement started in the United States in […]