How to Perform a 5 Minute Psychological Safety Audit on Yourself

When we think of safety, we often think of physical safety. We consider whether the doors are locked, the gates are closed, the candles are put out before we fall asleep, and whether we have any physical threats in our environment or neighborhood that require our attention. A type of safety that is often overlooked […]

alternatives to corporate jobs

These Active Alternatives to Corporate Jobs Act Like Paid Workouts

Not everyone wants to spend their days in front of a computer at an office. Most people don’t know about these fantastic alternatives to corporate jobs that are still active and profitable today. Choosing a different path often means being in control of your schedule, getting to exercise, and being out on the field. Let’s […]

What the Farm Strong Workout Teaches About Farm Equipment and Labor

Known as Farm Strong, the workout shown in this video is good for a circuit format. This way, an individual performs each exercise back-to-back without rest using farm equipment. In a typical workout, one starts by holding the sandbag, dumbbells, or kettlebells at the sides. They do lunges, stepping forward with one leg and lowering […]

10 Reasons High Level Fitness is Good for You

Staying active and regularly exercising can have a significant impact on your overall health. If you’re looking to become more physically fit or if you want to lose weight, learning why high level fitness is good for you is a great place to begin. Understanding why high level fitness is so important in our everyday […]

The Everyday Fit Hydration Formula for Middle Aged People

As we age, staying fit and healthy becomes more important than ever. As you approach middle age, you may begin to wonder what everyday fit hydration formula is best for you. Becoming educated on fitness, nutrition, and hydration can all go a long way in ensuring you are implementing the right everyday fit hydration formula […]

Is Being an Arborist a Physical Job?

If you love trees and enjoy working outdoors, you might be interested in becoming an arborist. But what does this professional do, and how physically demanding is the job? This professional cares for trees and other woody plants. They may work for municipalities, power companies, landscaping firms, or as self-employed contractors. Video Source Their services […]