Find urgent care

If you’ve ever experienced a sudden sports injury, food poisoning or even a sinus infection, you may have wondered if you had any other recourse for immediate treatment other than an emergency room. In fact, an urgent care facility in your area may be the right alternative in certain non-fatal cases.

In 2010, the Rand Corporation reported that 20% of emergency room visits could have been taken care of at medical urgent care facilities, which would have resulted in $4.4 billion less in expenditures for health care. In addition to being a less expensive way to get treatment, patients can typically be treated faster than they would at an ER. Patients can walk in rather than scheduling an appointment, and urgent care hours are often more extended than regular physicians’ hours.

Nearly 66% of urgent care centers have staffs that consist of doctors, assistants, and nurses, and in 65% of cases, there is a doctor present all the time. If you have further questions, comments, or suggestions regarding what to look for in urgent care services, or you need advice on how to find urgent care in your region, be sure to share your thoughts in the section below. Read this website for more information.