Urgent Care — The Secret Medical Gem You Should Know About

Have you had a nightmarish experience in an emergency room when you’ve been there for a semi-serious, but not life threatening medical event? Did you feel rushed and overcrowded and experience a long wait time? Emergency rooms are notoriously overcrowded and in many cases, filled with patients who don’t necessarily need to be there. More […]

Can Urgent Care Diagnose Strep Throat?

If you or a family member have the signs or symptoms of strep throat you may want to seek urgent medical care. Most urgent care centers (60%) will have a wait time of 15 minutes of less and (65%) will have a physician on-site at all times. A number of centers (66%) are open prior […]

Do You Need Quick Medical Attention? An Urgent Care Facility May Be Best

If you’ve ever experienced a sudden sports injury, food poisoning or even a sinus infection, you may have wondered if you had any other recourse for immediate treatment other than an emergency room. In fact, an urgent care facility in your area may be the right alternative in certain non-fatal cases. In 2010, the Rand […]