Finding the Right Medical Care

Americans of all ages will need medical treatment sometime in their lives, whether due to illnesses, allergies, injuries, or mental conditions or trauma, and knowing the right place to go to will help a person find just the care they need, for the right price. Local doctors in one’s town or city can be found […]

Medical Care at Urgent Care Settings Is Affordable, Reliable, and Convenient

This is not the weekend to have to spend time in bed trying to feel better. The fact that your teenage daughter just came home from school with a sore throat and a fever means that you are going to immediately take her to the closest walk in urgent care and see if you can […]

Can Urgent Care Diagnose Strep Throat?

If you or a family member have the signs or symptoms of strep throat you may want to seek urgent medical care. Most urgent care centers (60%) will have a wait time of 15 minutes of less and (65%) will have a physician on-site at all times. A number of centers (66%) are open prior […]

Should I Use An Urgent Care Facility Instead of The ER?

You wake up in the morning to your little 15 month old baby boy crying. The rosy cheeks and hot tears running down his face let you know that something is wrong. You take his temperature and your fears are confirmed; he has a fever of 104 degrees. The thought of an Emergency Room (ER) […]

A Faster and More Affordable Emergency Treatment Option

According the the Urgent Care Association of America, urgent care facilities across the United States serve approximately three million patients each week. Still, this is not nearly enough to keep hospital emergency rooms from becoming overcrowded with patients needing minor treatment for less serious conditions and illnesses. Along with immediate care and home health services, […]