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Can Urgent Care Diagnose Strep Throat?

If you or a family member have the signs or symptoms of strep throat you may want to seek urgent medical care. Most urgent care centers (60%) will have a wait time of 15 minutes of less and (65%) will

Should I Use An Urgent Care Facility Instead of The ER?

You wake up in the morning to your little 15 month old baby boy crying. The rosy cheeks and hot tears running down his face let you know that something is wrong. You take his temperature and your fears are

The Advantages of Private Rehab in Canada

Mental health and addiction is a huge problem in the world today. It is also one of the most commonly overlooked problems. Addiction and mental health are often ignored and those suffering are left to handle it themselves. A study

Having Trouble Losing Weight? You Might Need Weight Loss Surgery

There are multiple different reasons to seek out a gastric bypass procedure. Some people need to manage chronic obesity, which can lead to increased risk of high blood pressure and heart failure, while others have stomach or sleep issues that

The Secret to Building a Great Beach Body!

Although it feels like winter has just begun, many are looking forward to the summer to show off their great beach body that they vowed to work on this year. Although January is a month full of resolutions and hope,

Three Assets Any Business Needs to Master In Order to Survive in Today’s World

The business world of today is far different from that of yesterday. There are more businesses across the country than ever before with the internet freeing consumers from geographic constraints that would have limited their selection. In a word, today’s