Find a beachbody coach

Today’s beauty standards are drastically different compared to what the used to be. During the indulgent days of the Roaring Twenties, androgynous, almost waif-like women’s bodies were considered ideal. The less curves, the better. While this aesthetic made a comeback during the 1960’s when small-framed super models such as Twiggy came onto the scene, this ideal body type has given way to the modern ideal of an athletic, full-framed and curvy body. And what better way to achieve this look than to find a beachbody coach?

You don’t have to live by the ocean in order find a beachbody coach to help you achieve your beauty and fitness goals. You just have to do a little homework and have a desire to have a great beach body! So, exactly what is a beachbody?

Everyone remembers — and loves — the classic, hit TV series Baywatch. With it’s dramatic, slow motion scenes of toned, leaned, yet curvaceous women running along the beach in red one-piece bathing suits with their long hair blowing in the wind behind them, it’s no surprise the show was a hit. However, it also inspired an entire fitness movement that changed beauty standards.

Fast forward to today, and many of these same Baywatch inspired aesthetics are still highly sought after. The beach body fitness plan is about celebrating and enhancing your natural physique, rather than changing it. Unlike other fitness plans, the beach body fitness challenge also addresses your internal health and well being through nourishing foods. After all, beauty truly is on the inside, and if you’re unhealthy, it will radiate outwards.

Working out at the gym can be intimidating. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why people veer off course in regards to their fitness journeys. It all boils down to approach. The beach body program is approaches your fitness goals as a lifestyle, rather than simply a way to look good for summer.