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Cryolipolysis is a process known as fat freezing, and these noninvasive body contouring treatments are definitely changing the cosmetic medical industry for the better. If the concept of fat freezing technology scares you a little bit, that’s perfectly normal — many people are interested in the process but are hesitant to find out how it really works.

So, with that in mind, here are a few of the most common myths surrounding cryolipolysis body contouring, along with explanations why you have nothing to fear:

  • Cryolipolysis treatments are painful. It’s true that you’re literally getting a treatment to freeze fat cells, but the most discomfort you’ll feel during the procedure is a really cold device pressed against your skin (but not cold enough to cause frostbite) and possible some subsequent bruising or numbness after the procedure, which goes away quickly. Fat freezing treatments are noninvasive so there are no needles or knives, and no pain medication needed at all.

  • It takes a long time to recover. One of the best parts of cryolipolysis is that there is virtually no downtime — you can receive a treatment and go right back to your normal daily activities. The procedure doesn’t harm your skin at all, and although it’s recommended that you receive more than one session in order to maximize the effects, there is no other follow-up treatment or medication needed.

  • Cellulite reduction treatments don’t keep the fat off. Okay, this one can be true — but only if you actively lead an unhealthy lifestyle. In most cases, cryolipolysis is intended to help patients who already exercise and eat healthy foods but just can’t get those last 10 lbs. to go away (which happens, for some reason). Your body isn’t necessarily unhealthy just because you have some unflattering cellulite that won’t leave, but you deserve to look as healthy as you feel!

Now we’re asking you for some help — what have you heard about this treatment that might make you hesitant to try it out? We’d love to hear your thoughts!