4 Must-Know Common Foot Problems and Their Remedies

Did you know that the average human being spends about 235 days of their lives on their feet? Research shows that one in every three people over 65 years of age experiences stiffness, foot pain, or aching feet. The type of shoe you wear has a lot to do with some of these common foot […]

inclusive travel

Making the Travel Industry More Inclusive and Accessible

The hospitality industry has been at the forefront championing for the rights of the disabled in the society. Around 10% of the world’s population, some 650 million people, live with a disability. These special group of people travels at the same rate as everyone else despite having limited access to some great destinations. Inclusive travel […]

4 Things To Consider Before Returning To Exercise

It’s hard enough to start a good workout routine in the beginning. A workout routine is never going to follow the rules of one size fits all. They need to be tailored to the individual and their goals. The first thing to consider, of course, is what those goals are. A person who wants to […]

Working Out After An Auto Accident: Why You Shouldn’t Rush

An auto accident is incredibly traumatic. Of course, there is the physical trauma to consider — the biggest issue at hand when recovering from an auto accident is the initial road to recovery. There is also an emotional element, however, that affects not only your ability to get back into your car but your ability […]

Don’t Fear The Deadlift: 5 Different Forms Explained

If you’re new to powerlifting, the term “deadlift” can be a little off-putting. However, there’s no need to be concerned! With the proper powerlifting gear (such as deadlift socks, training belt, and knee sleeves or knee wraps) and knowledge, your foray into fitness will become an empowering and rejuvenating experience. Here are five deadlift variations […]

facial pain management

Suffering From Jaw Pain? Here’s An FAQ To Help: Part 2

In the first part of this series, we answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding TMJ and facial pain management. However, there are many more questions you need to know the answers to in order to receive a proper diagnosis and work toward chronic facial pain treatment options. Here are some more answers […]