Roofing is a notoriously physically demanding job. Roofers are expected to climb ladders, balance on sloped roofs, and carry heavy roofing materials. Many roofers find themselves picking up heavy bundles of roofing supplies from the ground regularly throughout the day.

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All of this bending and lifting can easily lead to lower back pain. Luckily, the right workout plan can help to reduce and prevent lower back pain for even the busiest roofer.

If you’re ready to get started on a workout plan that will help you do your job better and more safely, the video posted here will be a great resource for you. The host of the video is a successful roofing contractor who has experience with all aspects of roofing as a profession. He offers a variety of essential tips to manage lower back pain with targeted exercises.

If your lower back pain is exceptionally intense, you may need to visit a doctor or physical therapist to get the treatment you need. But if your lower back pain is just beginning to develop, a targeted workout plan can prevent pain and spinal issues by building muscle and bone strength and overall flexibility.