Labor-intensive jobs require regular good healthy nutrition and strength training. Doing low-volume and high-intensity workouts is the way to maintain mass and build muscle. Consumption of high-calorie foods increases energy that keeps them working hard.

Contractors need full-body workouts focusing on glutes, legs, chest, arms, core, back, and shoulders. Two to three days a week, non-consecutively, doing three to five reps is all required.

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While at work, they engage the lower back, oblique, abdominal, and hip muscles to reach, pull, twist, and push objects. Keeping the lower back free from injury is critical and essential to this job group.

Workout routines should include planks, squats, push-ups, shoulder presses, lunges, biceps curls, and triceps push-downs.

Consider investing in resistance training using dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands. Using body weight is an effective alternative if that is not financially viable.

Another significant addition to training is to include 150 minutes of moderate and 75 minutes of intense aerobic exercises weekly.

Remember to incorporate stretching. Performing hip swings, arm circles, and standing trunk rotations will loosen up tight muscles and joints.