According to the latest study, more than 52% of men experience erectile dysfunction to some degree. Regardless of how common ED can be, you’re no doubt concerned about meeting with your doctor. This video offers insight into the condition so you can be prepared for your erectile dysfunction examination.

There is no extant test that can clearly diagnose whether a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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Your diagnosis will rely heavily on your own sexual experiences but may include some tests by your doctor. It’s important to be open and honest about your experiences and any potential stressors that may contribute to your inability to achieve or maintain an erection. That being said, your doctor will most likely run blood tests to confirm your levels of testosterone and glucose, which do decline with age. In addition, a neurological assessment may be necessary to determine if the problem is non-hormonal. In some instances, you may also require an ultrasound to verify that there are no obstructions impeding blood flow.

Your erectile dysfunction examination will help to determine which treatment method will be most useful for you. The best treatment option will depend on your age, test results, and underlying medical conditions. The best way to start treatment for your ED is to be honest with your doctor, no matter what.