The video discusses some back pain management solutions for people who want to manage their back pain from home because of a restriction or lack of transportation.

One tip the speaker gives for people is to make sure that they sleep with their necks in a level position. All sleepers risk injuring their backs by way of having their necks in the wrong position.

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The speaker suggests that an individual who sleeps on his or her stomach place a pillow in between the legs for more comfort.

Another tip the speaker gives is for the person to get exercise every day. Glute bridges are exercises that should be done to avoid putting the glute muscles out of commission. Weak glute muscles tend to cause back pain. That’s why the speaker suggested the exercise.

The third topic the speaker talked about was headaches and how they can contribute to back pain. Handling the headache by finding its source. Poor posture is often responsible for many ailments, such as headaches, TMJ, and other issues. A person who can improve his or her posture can also improve back pain indirectly. Improving the posture takes a lot of practice, but learning the best positions can do wonders for eliminating back pain.