There are different types of acne scars that require different types of treatments. This video helps you to identify the type of scar you have and then talks you through all the types of treatments that are available.

Understanding which type of scarring you have and the type of targeted treatment that will improve the appearance of the scar is essential to ensuring you get the right treatment. Many people that suffer from this type of scarring try many different procedures to improve the appearance of the scarring.

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Watching this video will help you to save time and go to the right treatment from the start.

There are several different types of scars that require different approaches to heal. In many cases, it is not just one type of treatment that will get the best results. It is a combination of treatments.

Understanding all the options that are available to treat these scars and the amount of time each treatment takes is vital to making the right choice for your situation.Watch this video from a Dermatologist to learn about some of the best treatments to address this problem and some of the newest treatments available.