E cigarette liquids

Some trends are quick to gain popularity and have an appeal that makes them last. Vaping, first known as e-cigarettes seems to fall into this category. Some wonder if the vaping trend is helping people avoid traditional cigarettes altogether, or could possibly help current smokers quit.
In a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, e-cig smokers included in the research had cut their cigarette consumption from an average of twenty cigarettes a day to four cigarettes per day after starting vaping. These numbers represent an 80% reduction. Smoking has been one of the bright spots in public health successes of recent history. While nearly half of all Americans smoked in the 1960s, the rate has dropped by about a fifth since 2005, when it was 21%. Is it possible that the increase in liquid e cig sales have decreased the numbers of traditional smokers?
The makers of electronic cigarette flavors and the best liquid for vaping think so. In fact, they contend that their products increase the chance of their users never starting traditional smoking in the first place. Additionally, an electronic cigarette can help current traditional smokers stop. When attempting to quit traditional smoking, consumers can work their way toward e-cigarette or vaporizer liquids with 0% nicotine.
In a study of current e-cigarette and vaporizer users, 70% of respondents changed flavors at least once per day, and the study also showed that this is more common in ex-smokers. Could it be that the wide variety of e cig juice flavors help former traditional smokers control their urge to return to cigarettes with higher nicotine numbers?
Whether it is the variety of flavors that are available or the ability to have a smoking experience without the lingering smell of traditional smoking, vaping products list ingredients that are likely less harmful than many traditional tobacco and nicotine products. E-liquid typically contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and food-grade flavoring ingredients, and many can be purchased without any nicotine at all.
The best liquid for vaping could possibly be the experience that helps longtime smokers break their addition to traditional smoking. Studies show that traditional smoking numbers have been falling, while other studies show that vaping numbers have been increasing.