Nursing homes in normal il

Although the average age for people who seek care in nursing care homes is close to 80 years old, people of any age with severe health problems may find a supportive environment in a skilled nursing facility. Elderly people whose conditions make it inadvisable for them to live alone often find that being able to access nursing care at any hour of the day or night makes them more comfortable, more sociable, and much more able to focus on spending time with their friends and families.

There are over 16,000 assisted living homes, also known as skilled nursing facilities and nursing care homes, throughout the country. With high occupancy rates, families are advised to take their time deciding on the proper facility for their loved ones, but to act quickly once a decision is made. Although families and patients usually take tours before making their decision about placement for long-term care, taking the time to talk to nurses, doctors, activities coordinators, housekeepers, and other staff is highly recommended.

Talking with housekeeping staff can be important because although they do not perform patient care directly, housekeepers see residents daily and often develop friendships with long-term residents. They may be able to comment on staff turnover, staff morale and attitude toward patients, and overall facility cleanliness. Physical therapists, nurses, aides, and activity directors should be familiar with residents’ interests and address them respectfully by name. Residents should all be clean and nicely dressed, and the facility should be well-lit and free of falling or tripping hazards.

Sometimes, having a meal at a skilled nursing facility is a good way to get to know nurses and aides; if the potential resident makes some friends and enjoys the food, chances are better that the facility could be a good long-term fit. Many residents enjoy time spent chatting with staff and friends, watching television, going for walks, and getting their hair cut on-site. Senior living facilities can vary, but a sense of respect and friendship between residents and staff is always visible, when it is present.