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“I take baths all the time. I’ll put on some music and burn some incense and just sit in the tub and think, Wow, life is great right now,” Brian Austin Green, the American actor, once said. Hot tubs are, in some sense, one of America’s most affordable luxuries. Beyond that, they can be a fairly flexible entertainment option — they’re great for private enjoyment, but equally appealing to party guests as well.

As Castanet points out, “hot tub maintenance saves money.” With hot tubs come the responsibility of taking care of them. In order to get long-lasting durability out of your home entertainment products, your best bet is to keep track of weekly maintenance. Here are several tips for taking care of popular entertainment products.

Taking Care of Your Hot Tub

  • Hot tubs for sale are always a tempting buy, but don’t invest in hot tubs unless you’re prepared to deal with the maintenance. Luckily, hot tubs have gotten a lot easier to care for over the years.
  • Most hot tubs require treatment every few days with free chlorine or bromine in order to keep bacteria at bay. You will need to test — in order, usually — alkalinity, bromine, calcium, and pH. With modern hot tub technology, it is fairly easy to figure out when you need to add the appropriate chemicals.
  • To save energy, only heat up your hot tub half an hour before you plan on getting in, and take a shower first — it will cut down on how dirty your pool becomes.

Game Tables

  • If you’re looking for easy maintenance, air hockey, pool, and foosball tables are probably as low-key as it gets. Still, there are tips you can keep in mind so that your investments remain all in one piece for years to come.
  • Pool tables can be an attractive, classy addition to your home — until you break them. One billiard expert estimates that one of the worst, most common things people do with their pool table is sit on it. It’s not a chair! If you bump and jostle your pool table too much, you can affect the leg stability, creating a wobbly table. The same goes for air hockey and foosball tables.
  • What can ruin game surfaces? Surprisingly, the balls can. Balls get easily dirty, and whether it’s a pool ball or a foosball ball, you should make sure they’re clean before letting them roll onto the table. Dirt and dust can be especially damaging to pool felt.

Do you have maintenance tips for air hockey tables, foosball tables, or hot tubs? Let us know in the comments. Learn more.