If working out is your passion, you almost certainly either have or want to have a home gym. While leaving the house to work out is still a great option, building your own home gym allows you to have perpetual access to all of the workout equipment you love.

All of that equipment can become an unorganized mess quickly, though. Unless you maintain a minimalistic home gym, you likely have a lot of loose equipment. Hand weights, resistance bands, water bottles, shoes, workout clothes, and more can all quickly clutter up your home gym.

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The ideal solution to this problem is a set of custom cabinets made from home gyms. You can work with a custom cabinet builder to design cabinets that are perfectly suited to your specific set of workout equipment, so whether you’re a sneaker-obsessed runner or a weight lifter, you’ll have the exact storage space you’ll need.

When everything you need for your workouts has a place in your home gym, you’ll be able to get into the flow of your workout routine more smoothly and adapt to your changing needs over time. For ideas on how to organize your gym’s custom cabinets, take a look at the video posted above.