Chronic pain takes control of your entire life.

It dictates when you sleep and for how long. It determines whether or not you can carry a heavy load. It can even prevent you from enjoying your all-time favorite hobbies. When lower back pain or neck pain is getting in the way of you living your life to the fullest, it’s time to seek chiropractic treatment. Physical therapy is your first line of defense against minor to severe chronic pain, able to improve your mobility and quality of life in a matter of sessions.

It can be a little intimidating, figuring out how to approach quality chiropractic care. Try out this simple guide next time your usual stretching session doesn’t quite bite into your symptoms.

What Causes Chronic Pain?

A good place to start approaching your chronic pain issue is by learning about the source. Chronic pain can be caused or exacerbated by many different things, from age to lifestyle. Experts have estimated as much as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some point in their life. One-half of working Americans today admit to having some sort of pack pain symptoms every year. Bad posture, exhausting working conditions, and even improperly picking up heavy loads can all contribute to a long-term issue.

What Is The Most Common Type Of Chronic Pain?

You can have chronic pain just about anywhere. Back pain, however, remains the most common. Back pain remains the most common reason for missed work and is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office, outnumbered only by respiratory infections. Hip pain and knee pain, however, is starting to rise up in the ranks. This is likely due to the rapidly aging demographic of the United States, with the country expected to have 20% of the population over the age of 65 by 2040.

Do Back Massages Help At All?

If your chronic pain is more minor, it might help to see a chiropractor about back massages. These are useful for eliminating troublesome knots and stimulating blood flow, both essential for relieving pain. You can also stimulate a faster healing process through touch and repetition. Recent studies have found back massages to be the most common form of pain relief outside of routine exercise. Your chiropractic treatment might offer it as the primary element, depending on your condition.

What Are Signs I Have Chronic Pain?

Just because you’re sore doesn’t necessarily mean you have a chronic pain issue (though you should always listen closely to what your body is trying to tell you). Chronic pain is defined by any persistent and debilitating pain that lasts for longer than three months in the same spot. The right side of your upper back or your left hip, for example. Not just adults deal with chronic pain, either. Nearly one-third of all significant injuries incurred in childhood are sports-related, that of which can last a long time if not treated carefully.

Should I See A Chiropractor This Year?

When in doubt? It’s better to be safe than sorry. Chronic pain that’s left untreated can become a debilitating disability in the future, affecting your ability to move up and down stairs, write, or sleep. Likewise, when you find the right chiropractor and come up with a plan your chronic pain will finally be halted in its tracks. Pain relief is the biggest short-term goal, while reversing your condition will come with consistency.

Your life doesn’t have to revolve around chronic pain. See how chiropractic treatment can change the way you eat, sleep, and breathe.