Urgent care is an expanding field within the medical profession. Recent figures indicate that there are approximately 20,000 physicians practicing urgent care medicine today. On a weekly basis, the Urgent Care Association of American has estimated that three million patients visit these centers for a variety of issues.

Treatment for Colds and Flus

Colds are a common ailment in the United States. On an annual basis, Americans come down with roughly one billion colds. While some people may choose to let their colds run their course, others will seek medical attention. Even though symptoms can last for anywhere from 48 hours to 14 days, a full recovery may take ten days for the average person.

Flus are another common ailment. Every year, an average of five percent to 20% of people living in this country will come down with the flu. It’s important to note that walk-in clinics can also provide flu vaccines as a preventative measure.

Treatment for Fractures and Sprains

If someone sustains a sports injury, is in an accident, or otherwise fractures a bone, most urgent care centers are equipped to treat this. Ankle sprains are also a prevalent injury. According to recent reports, there are 25,000 people in this country that sprain their ankle every day.

Treatment for Allergies

There are a variety of allergens that cause discomfort, rashes, and other issues for people. In addition to certain chemicals and pollen, a large percentage of children and adults are allergic to poison ivy. Approximately 85% of Americans experience allergic reactions to poison ivy, which grows in every state but Alaska and Hawaii.

Treatment for Infections

If someone cuts or burns themselves, they may require medical attention to treat their wounds and avoid developing an infection. Other types of issues include urinary tract infections. On an annual basis, 8.1 million physician visits are for this reason alone.

Visit a Local Urgent Care Center

When you’re feeling ill, have sustained an injury, or need a flu shot, you can receive friendly medical care at a local walk-in clinic. Once you experience treatment at an urgent care center, you’ll realize that it is a convenient option. Since 85% of these clinics are open throughout the entire week, and some are open for extended hours, this is an added benefit. Furthermore, you may only need to wait approximately 15 minutes to be seen by a physician, physician’s assistant, or another medical professional.