Keep Your Children Safe From Frostbite this Winter

During the Winter there are specific health risks to consider especially if you have children. While many people may not think about frostbite on an everyday basis, mostly relegating it to the realm of being in the wilderness or other types of extreme areas. The truth is frostbite can occur anywhere it is cold, including […]

Free Health Clinics Medical Care For All Who Need It

Because of the constantly increasing cost of medical care and the large number of people who don’t have insurance, the availability of a free health clinic is vital to the health and well-being of many areas of the United States. Whether it’s a local walk-in facility that provides after hours urgent care, family quick care, […]

Three Benefits of Visiting Urgent Care

Did you know that each year, urgent care facilities account for $14 billion in revenue in the United States? Urgent care is one of the fastest-growing segments of the American healthcare system because it has become a viable alternative to the emergency room. Although urgent care centers are only designed to treat non-life-threatening conditions, there […]

A Cheaper Alternative to the Emergency Room

Urgent care centers are meant to provide immediate medical treatment to those who need it. They provide service at a fairly rapid rate. Approximately 57 percent of patients wait for 15 minutes or less before seeing their doctor and 80 percent of all patients wait less than 60 minutes. This is significantly less than the […]