Denver urgent care

Urgent care centers are meant to provide immediate medical treatment to those who need it. They provide service at a fairly rapid rate. Approximately 57 percent of patients wait for 15 minutes or less before seeing their doctor and 80 percent of all patients wait less than 60 minutes. This is significantly less than the waiting time for ER visits, though ER visits number around 110 million annually. There are many conditions which are treated at urgent care centers, which range from upper respiratory illness to gastrointestinal conditions. And, on average, somewhere around 15 percent of Americans come down with the flu every year.

A Denver urgent care clinic can go a long way toward improving the medical services for those who need them. For STD testing Denver health clinics can offer people solutions to many health issues that they might have. And there are also urgent care Cherry Creek and urgent care Denver clinics that have services available. But for people who need a walk in clinic denver provides many opportunities.

This is not to say that a Denver urgent care clinic is the best option for everyone. A Denver urgent care clinic probably cannot resolve a gunshot wound, for instance. Nonetheless, a Denver urgent care clinic can go a long way toward providing the resolution to many people’s problems. It is for this reason that these urgent care clinics will probably see their visits increase as people search for cheaper alternatives to the emergency room. Great references here.