Ed treatment

A sexual dysfunction is defined as a problem during any phase of the sexual response cycle that keeps either the individual or the couple from being satisfied by the sexual activity. In men, the most common of these sexual dysfunctions are ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction, and inhibited sexual desire.

Visiting an ED clinic Ft Lauderdale is a good way to review your options for help with sexual dysfunction Ft Lauderdale. ED medication, which can be prescribed by an ED clinic Ft Lauderdale, relaxes the muscle cells in the penis, allowing for better bloodflow, and therefore fixing erection problems Ft Lauderdale. A ED clinic Ft Lauderdale can also prescribe other treatment methods. When looking at other treatment methods, such as hormone replacement therapy Ft Lauderdale residents should know that not all treatments work or are right for all patients. Seeing a doctor at an Ed clinic ft lauderdale can help you determine the cause of your ED, and therefore the best course of treatment to correct the problem.

While ED medication is a good option for some, they do not work for everyone, and often times they stop working after years of use. Hormone replacement is a good option for those whose ED is caused by low testosterone. There are a variety of other treatments available as well, which a clinician can give you facts about.

An ED clinic Ft Lauderdale will also educate you on how your natural health can affect your sexual state. Certain drugs, such as marijuana, have been proven to cause or exacerbate sexual dysfunction in men. Visiting a mens wellness center ft lauderdale, in addition to or as an alternative to an ED clinic Ft Lauderdale, can provide relief from sexual dysfunctions. It has been shown that losing five to ten percent of your body weight over a two month period both improved the sex drive of and provided effective ed help ft lauderdale of men who are obese and have diabetes.