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Lawsuit May Force School to Rethink Wi-Fi

A Massachusetts family has just filed a lawsuit against their school district because they believe that the school’s Wi-Fi network has hurt their son. However, the condition they accuse the network of giving their son is controversial, and its very

You’re Not Alone Over 80% Of Americans Suffer From Back Pain

Chiropractor services are a necessity for just about everybody. While some encounter their back pain through manual labor, others develop issues from more sedentary fields like programming or graphic design work. The chiropractic field exists to help people from a

Early Cancer Symptoms You Should Watch Out For

Cancer is a serious medical issue that has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients. While many cancers can be treated, the key to cancer recovery is to detect it as soon as possible. In it’s most early

Free Health Clinics And Their Growing Popularity

Due to the business of our daily lives and the climbing prices of healthcare, it can sometimes seem easy to put off going to the doctor, especially when your issue in question can be brushed off as “not serious”. Unfortunately,

Banned in the US, this Treatment has Helped Millions of Addicts

Methamphetamine addiction is sweeping the country at an alarming rate. Because it is relatively easy to manufacture and inexpensive to purchase it has infiltrated all levels of the socioeconomic equation. According to studies, it is estimated that over 1.2 million

Telemedicine The New Trend In Psychiatric Healthcare

Although diagnosable mental illness can be found in a large portion of American citizens, the fact is that treatment for those illnesses is often brushed under the rug or treated as less important. Because the wounds of mental illness are