Marijuana addicts

Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States. And while many people recreationally use marijuana, marijuana use does carry serious risks. For example, a study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry that followed 1,920 people for 16 years, discovered that people who smoked marijuana were 4 times more likely to develop depression. Furthermore, it is very possible to develop a marijuana addiction or cannabis addiction with habitual marijuana use.

If you feel that you have a marijuana abuse problem or are a marijuana addict and find yourself wondering how to quit smoking pot, you want to seek professional help. First of all, if you are wondering how to quit smoking pot keep in mind that the first step of how to quit smoking pot is detox. This detox process can be quite unpleasant and many individuals experience withdrawal symptoms. Cannabis withdrawal symptoms typically begin within 1 to 3 days of abstinence and can last for up to several months. A Duke University study of 496 adult marijuana smokers who tried to quit found that 95.5 percent experienced at least one withdrawal symptom and 43.1 percent experienced more than one symptom. Therefore, if you are wondering how to quit marijuana you may want to seeks professional help for the detox process as it can be very challenging.

Ultimately, if you are wondering how to quit smoking pot you will want to keep in mind that detox is just the first step of a long journey. After your detox you will need to make sure that you have the resources to stay sober. A detoxification program for physical dependence to marijuana does not necessarily address the psychological, behavioral or social factors that led to addiction. Therefore, you will want to look into different options for a marijuana addiction program or a marijuana addiction treatment program.