Where to buy spices online

When it comes to using spices in the kitchen, most people are able to get by on the basics. Whether the product being used was originally a root, leaf, seed, bark or flower, it can be easily added during the cooking process, or even afterwards in some cases to supplement the existing flavor. But what if there was a seasoning that could create a better taste without adding complicated new steps? It may sound unlikely, but such a product exists: pollen spices from plants like fennel and dill can completely change how your dishes taste, often without changing how you actually cook. Read on to learn why you should be keeping pollen in the pantry!

Fennel and dill are already used in a number of cultures and dishes, from Tuscan fish dishes to German potato salad. In most recipes, dill is used as a powder, while fennel seeds, bulbs, stalks and leaves are all used as ingredients. But while both dill and fennel are quite common, using dill or fennel pollen likely seems quite strange to many people, especially those who dread allergy season. Fortunately, cooking with pollen doesn’t cause an allergic reaction, allowing you to keep pollen in the pantry without fear.

And you should keep pollen on hand, because the taste is unbelievable. Added during the cooking process, like other spices, fennel and dill pollen provide a stronger, more flavorful version of the plants’ familiar tastes. In fact, cooking experts say the traditional spices and the pollen are comparable to bouillon cubes and fresh, homemade stock: you only need a small pinch of the pollen, but it packs a fresher, stronger taste.

To start stocking pollen in the pantry, some people choose to harvest their own from native or homegrown dill and fennel plants. However, depending on pesticide and fertilizer use in your area, this might not be healthiest choice. For this reason, many people choose to buy pollen online or from special retailers instead. Can pollen change your cooking? Try it today to find out.