Medical walk in clinic

Picture this: Your son falls from his treehouse in the largest tree in your back yard. With a loud crack, he lands right on his left elbow. He is a baseball player. The season is just 2 weeks out. A situation may never have felt more emergent in your life. What’s interesting, though, is that the emergency room isn’t right for you. Here’s why.

It’s too costly.
The average emergency room visit costs about $1,500 while urgent care centers usually cost around $150. Imagine getting all that you need: antibiotics, pain medication, and a health evaluation all in one visit. For times when your primary care provider isn’t open for business, urgent care hours can take care of you.

It can be dangerous
An emergency room is full of disease and there is a good chance you’ll be waiting there for a while. Ailments treated at the emergency room are generally more dangerous. Skip the risk and opt for a shorter wait around less sick individuals with urgent care clinics.

You’ll wait far too long
If you’re condition isn’t life threatening, the emergency room is likely to put you at the bottom of the list. By visiting an urgent care center, you can bypass the line and get what you need. It’s estimated that more than 1/4 of emergency room visits would be better handled in an urgent care setting.

When life confronts us with a broken arm, an untimely flu, a nasty infection or even food poisoning, a walk in medical clinic such as an urgent care center is the right way to go. In order to be classified as an urgent care facility, a business must have urgent care hours. That means, any day, anytime, an urgent care center can be there for you. It’s like an emergency room, but smarter!