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When it comes to back pain, one of the most effective methods of exercise is also one of the most ignored. In 2007, more than 19 million Americans sought treatment options for back pain from medical professionals — when there could have been an easier solution. Many times, people take medications like narcotic drugs, muscle relaxers, or try to rest when they’re having back pain. However, relieving and preventing lower back pain can be as easy as exercise. Here are a few of the most helpful types of exercises for back pain.

1. Stretching
One of the best things people affected by lower back pain can do is stretch often. Stretching muscles prevents them from becoming strained and helps flexibility which can help keep back injuries and pain from happening. Yoga poses are an effective way to stretch back muscles.

2. Low Impact Aerobics
Another exercise that’s helpful for managing, reducing, or preventing lower back pain is low impact aerobics. A lot of people who suffer from back pain think that they need to take it easy, lay down, or relax for a few days, but any of these can actually make back pain worse. In fact, one of the most common causes of lower back pain is sitting too much. Getting physical activity increases blood flow and help resolve back pain and the side effects of lower back pain.

3. Strength Training
Another exercise that works well for managing back pain is strength training. One of the major causes of lower back pain is injury, which is often caused because a person’s back muscles are weak and out of shape. Weak muscles are easily strained or otherwise damaged. Making sure that muscles are strong to begin with can make a big difference.

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