Balding is something that many men experience, but it isn’t untreatable. Through an uncontrollable process called micripigmentation vitiligo, our bodies stop producing the necessary components for full hair color and growth pattern. Two-thirds, or sixty-six percent, of men will experience hair loss by the age of thirty-five, and by fifty years old that number jumps to eight-five percent and tends to be more extreme hair loss. This hair loss can be inconspicuous, too, as half of a man’s head of hair can fall out before it becomes noticeable to the naked eye. So, in short, many people are losing their hair before one would notice it. In the United States alone, about thirty-five million men struggle with hair loss. If you or someone you know is one of them, they are likely to have many questions: what is the cost of a hair transplant? Which clinic performs the best scalp micropigmentation? Is hair transplant surgery worth the trouble? If you or the person you know is interested in hair restoration, there are several options, and not all of them are as invasive as one may think. One such non-invasive treatment is called Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE.

FUE hair transplant moves individual follicle unit grafts (one to four hairs, typically) into the affected area. The procedure is over in roughly eight hours, and recovery only lasts a number of days. This recovery depends on the patient, though, and can vary between micropigmentation vitiligo cases. Compared to another procedure called Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, though, this is minimal. Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, or FUSS, is more invasive, can become complicated easier, leaves a scar, limits the size of the graft due to pulling the scalp, and takes longer to recover from. A FUSS procedure surgically removes a strip of non-balding scalp and places it in incisions in the balding area. Instead of a small unit of hair being planted, an entire patch of scalp is moved. This can be much more painful, involved, and overall stressful than an FUE procedure.

If you’re considering these options, we hope this was informative and clarified some questions. If hair loss affects you or someone else’s day-to-day life, it may be worth looking into a solution that would provide an easier state of being. Micropigmentation vitiligo hair loss can prove a complicated problem, but there are solutions waiting for those who decide to restore their hair.