Raspberry ketone

The Centers for Disease Control report that of Americans over the age of 20, about 69.2% are either overweight, or obese. Many Americans unfortunately struggle to maintain a good diet and engage in regular exercise. As the country’s desire to lose weight has spiked, so has the popularity of weight loss supplements, diet plans, and other alternative weight loss methods. If you’re unhappy with your weight, you may have already looked into something called raspberry ketones. According to a Harvard University study, they can increase overall feelings of well being, and jump-start weight loss, in as few as two weeks. Despite the popularity of raspberry ketones, people still have strong reservations.

I don’t know much about raspberry ketones.

Raspberry ketones are an aroma compound naturally found in the fruit of its namesake, as well as several other berries. The chemical compound has been found to activate adiponectin, a hormone that can break down fat, according to a 2010 Planta Medica study. An Ehime University study found that the high level of antioxidants in raspberry ketones could help women with breast cancer to flush more toxins out of the body. However, raspberry ketones are primarily used to support weight loss, and usually through a raspberry ketones diet plan that calls for a low fat diet.

I don’t know where to buy raspberry ketone.

Raspberry ketones are available in most health supplement stores, but they are easier to find and purchase online, where a larger variety of brands are represented. Purchasing raspberry ketones online will allow you to compare and contrast the ingredients in the supplement, which leads us to the next common concern.

I don’t think that raspberry ketones are safe.

Once people know where to buy raspberry ketone, their next excuse is usually related to the safety of this supplement. The truth is, pure raspberry ketones, without any added chemicals or concoctions, are safe. The only reported side effects have been jitteriness, and the feeling of a racing heart. However, since no clinical studies have been done to confirm the side effects of raspberry ketones, it’s worth consulting with your doctor before adding any supplement to your diet.

Now that you know where to buy raspberry ketones, what they’re used for, and that they are generally safe, you can decide for yourself if the supplement is worth a try. Seeking out the science for yourself and talking to your doctor may help to put your mind at ease. Supplements won’t be the answer for everyone looking to lose weight, but they may be helpful for your fitness goals. Continue.