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Appearance matters. In today’s world, how you look can often determine who your friends are and what kind of job you get. It is true that a great personality and a sincere attitude can get you places, but if you are suffering from extreme conditions of acne and baldness, especially at a young age, your personality may not be enough.
Take baldness as an example. Many women find baldness attractive, especially when it comes to their husbands. When, however, thinning, the initial sign of baldness, starts to be noticeable on their young sons those same women sometimes begin to panic.
Hair loss caused by hereditary is considered a medical condition. It affects nearly 30 million American women, as well as men. Although most men have a 50% chance of experiencing hair loss by their 50th birthdays, many women are victims of similar statistics.
Thinning hair and baldness can make even the most handsome individuals look much older than they really are. As a result, many males who begin to see the initial signs of baldness look for the best dermatologist for hair loss consultation. Imagine, if you will, a son who is just home after his first semester at college looking noticeably older than when he left for school a mere four months earlier. If consulting the best dermatologist for hair loss treatments could slow down, and possibly reverse, the balding process, wouldn’t you make an appointment?
Unfortunately, nearly 50% of a man’s hair loss occurs before he even notices it. Without regular appointments to a dermatologist specialist, even the youngest of men may not notice until it is too late that they are losing their hair.
While hair loss can come on gradually, the same is not always true for acne. A clear, flawless face one week can literally erupt into an acne emergency the next. Unfortunately, by the time they are 16 many adolescents have acne or some kind of acne scarring. Again, regular visits to a dermatologist can provide the best skin care options before the acne gets out of control.
What are you doing to protect your image? While you may be taking the time to eat well and exercise on a regular basis, no amount of push ups and leafy greens are going to prevent problems with acne and hair loss. If you really care about your appearance, making regular appointments with the best dermatologist for hair loss and acne treatment should also become part of your schedule.