Medical spa services

The chemical peel treatment technique is used to smooth the texture of the facial skin with chemical solution. With this, the dead skin peels off and regenerated skin is ideally less wrinkled than the old. The same concept applies to the body chemical peel.

Non surgical, similar to laser hair removal treatment, a body chemical peel focuses more to eliminate stretch marks, tighten skin and remove any dead skin build up using alpha hydroxy acid and trichloroacetic acid. Typically conducted in sessions every 2-3 weeks over a 6 month session, the more effective procedures require more than just a one day visit.

Skin technicians offer a range of skin peel intensities, from light to heavy. For a technician to rid your skin of sun damage or remove stretch marks, intensive chemical peels are often applied, which can require recovery time of up to two weeks. On the other hand, a light treatment, which seldom results in actual skin peeling, may only require a days.

Americans want quicker, less painful results available with chemical peels. From 2011 to 2012, the number of chemical peel procedures was up 8% to an estimated 443,824 procedures. This compares to only an estimated 126,000 who underwent facelift procedures.

With Americans spent an estimated $1.8 billion on skin rejuvenation procedures such as a chemical peel treatment, they offer a less invasive alternative than a surgical facelift with much quicker results. Non surgical facelift options such as this easily translate to full epidermis conditioning with a body chemical peel. The body chemical peel offers a non invasive method for patients to feel younger all over with brand new, wrinkle free skin. See this reference for more.