Bicycle saddles

The biking industry has been around for many years. It is often one of the first outdoor activities you engage in as a child. It becomes a primary source of transportation during your teenage years. For many, biking falls off at the beginning of adulthood as you rely more and more on your vehicle. Yet, incorporating biking back into your adult life has many advantages.

Great source of exercise
Many adults do not get the recommended amount of daily exercise. With busy work and school schedules and raising a family, it often seems like there are not enough hours in the day. Biking, however, can be as long or as short as you want. Biking also has many wonderful exercise advantages. A study conducted by the British Medical Association found that coronary heart disease was reduced by 50% when people cycled 20 miles a week. Biking also increases stamina and can play an important role in weight control.

Affordable form of entertainment
Not only is biking affordable, but it can also be very entertaining. You really have endless options for biking destinations. You can explore your own city or you can load your bike into your vehicle and explore a nearby city. Take your bike with you on vacation for even more excitement. Comfortable bike seats allow you to take even longer of bike trips, getting to know unique destinations. Biking can also be great for family bonding. Spend the day taking a bike trip with your family or your significant other.

Cost efficient and environmentally friendly commute
You probably used your bike as a source of transportation as a teenager. Yet, as soon as you got your driver?s license, you traded it in for your own automobile. Now that the newness of operating a vehicle has worn off, you will find that there are many benefits to using a bike as transportation. It is very cost efficient, as you won?t have to spend large portions of your paycheck on fuel.

You also don?t have to worry about vehicle repairs and maintenance fees. Additionally, you can avoid traffic for shorter commutes. Many cities are set up for optimal bike commuting, even offering bike storage places at each destination. States across the U.S. have seen a 46% increase in the number of people commuting by bicycle since 2005. Just make sure you have a comfortable bike seat and a kit of backup bike accessories, like seat clamps. That way, you will be prepared for any biking needs along your daily commute.

Mentally advantageous
It doesn?t matter if you are commuting to work or taking a long bike ride after a stressful work day, you will find biking to be very relaxing. Getting outdoors has proven to reduce stress levels and increase mental moods. Not enough people take advantage of this free mental enhancement. When you choose to bike regularly, you are also increasing the amount of time spent outdoors. The fresh air can be very refreshing and relaxing. Ensuring that you have the most comfortable bike seat on your bicycles saddles will ensure that you are always ready to hit the outdoors on your bike.

In the United States, less than 3.4 million adults frequently ride bicycles, totaling one eighth of all adult cyclists. This is disappointing, as there are many advantages to regular bike riding. Riding a bike can be a great exercise activity, it can be an affordable form of entertainment, it can act as a environmentally friendly daily commute option, and it has many wonderful mental health benefits.
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