Walk-in medical clinic

Urgent care centers are increasing at a rapid pace. It is even possible that you have numerous urgent care centers within just a couple of miles of your house. Urgent care clinics offer an improved medical care model that is more convenient, affordable, and useful for many different types of people. The following people could benefit from choosing the urgent care medical model over traditional medical treatment.

Busy students
Students often have hectic and confusing schedules. They have to be in class early in the morning and then to their internship in the afternoon hours. They might even carry a part time or full time job to supplement their income. When you never know what your schedule will be, it can be difficult to make a doctor?s appointment. Many students skip physician?s care for many years. Students are also often on limited income, making it impossible to afford high emergency room fees. With 85% of urgent care centers open seven days a week, students have another option that is more convenient to their scheduling and cost needs.

Parents with young children
Parents will usually bring their young children to the doctor for any medical concern, but then ignore their own health symptoms. It can be very overwhelming to bring young children to the doctor?s office. Parents are forced to entertain them in the waiting for, sometimes for hours. In a multicare urgent care center, however, these parents? will find that the wait time is shorter and they can get in and out within minutes. There are currently 20,000 physicians that practice urgent care medicine today, giving parents the same medical care quality they would receive anywhere else.

Tourists in a new city
It can be confusing and scary to come down with an illness while travelling. You do not have access to your primary physician and you don?t know where to go for medical care. Scheduling a physician appointment can be impossible on such a short notice, especially if you only plan to see them once or twice. Your medical symptoms do not warrant a visit to the local emergency department, so you are left with limited medical care options. Fortunately, urgent care centers are also a great option for out of town visitors. The multicare urgent care wait is less than the local hospital and most urgent care centers will accept your out of town insurance. Just make sure you coordinate your medical care with your primary physician and insurance provider.

The busy working professional
Some careers can be quite demanding and that can make it impossible to keep up with routine medical care. Urgent care centers offer a variety of medical services, including cold and flu care, sprain care, and even allergy symptoms. Poison Ivy is a common medical visit, as it can be found in every state except for Alaska and Hawaii. With at least 85% of people allergic to Poison Ivy, medical care is important. Working professionals that find it difficult to schedule medical appointments around their busy work schedules can take advantage of the convenience of urgent care centers.

The newest medical model is urgent care clinics. They are a mix of the services received at a primary physician?s office and the emergency services at the local hospital. The biggest advantage of urgent care clinics are their level of convenience, making them a perfect medical choice for students, working professionals, tourists, and parents of young children.