Like any other technological gear, a water heater, or geyser as it is more widely known in India, requires maintenance. If you invest in the highest-quality components available from your manufacturer, they are likely to be more resilient to the heating and cooling processes that cause equipment to deteriorate. However, even the toughest of materials won’t last forever, especially if they are used regularly or continuously.

Heating service is crucial, especially during the winter. You can be sure that your heating needs are provided and checked by professionals.

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A proper repair cannot be made if the technician does not have adequate room to examine the water heater’s components. Additionally, it should be simple to service or repair if necessary. Although some individuals place the geyser just over the toilet to supposedly improve access, this really makes it difficult for the technician to access the equipment.

It is much preferable to mount it on a piece of the wall that is free of obstructions below
the geyser and is far from moist spaces like the shower, bathtub, or toilet. This makes it simple for you or anybody else to reach it using a tiny stool.

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