If you’re trying to stay active and live a healthy life, there are many daily considerations to make. One of the easiest ways to control your health and improve your physical fitness is by exercising regularly, but many find this to be a time-consuming task with disproportionate benefits. Here are some ways you can use countertops in your own home to work out in between household tasks.

If you already exercise regularly, then chances are you know many different types of exercises you can do depending on the area you’re targeting and the tools at your disposal.

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With countertops around your home, you can find ways to exercise most of the different areas of your body, if not all. This guide focuses on upper body exercises specifically. These include straight arm planks, shoulder taps, plank arm raises, tricep push-ups, and more. This is only part one of Dr. LA Thoma Gustin’s exercise guide.

As with other techniques, each of these methods has several versions you can utilize for different difficulty levels. You also want to make sure to keep certain factors in mind to guarantee proper form, such as neck positioning. Watch the video above to learn more.