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Do you suffer from sleep apnea or are you unsure of whether or not you have undiagnosed sleep apnea? It can be difficult living with sleep apnea, especially if it is still undiagnosed. You may have tried a variety of treatments to deal with your sleep apnea without seeing many positive results. That does not mean you should give up hope, though. Once you find the right treatment for your sleep apnea like respironics cpap masks, full face masks or nasal pillows, you may finally find the relief you have been searching for all along.

Interested in learning more about sleep apnea, why it is so important to get it diagnosed and how to possibly treat some of the symptoms of sleep apnea? Keep reading to find out some sleep apnea solutions and sleep apnea products worth trying.

Sleep apnea is a very common issue for people throughout the United States. Around 18 million people suffer from sleep apnea currently. When you have sleep apnea, it is difficult to sleep at night due to the interruptions in breaths that occurs. For someone who suffers from sleep apnea, this can occur up to 60 times an hour. It is clear to see how this could greatly disturb someone?s sleep.

While many people are diagnosed with the disease and seeking treatment, there is still a total of 2 to 4 percent of the population who suffer from the disease and are undiagnosed. If you have undiagnosed sleep apnea, you greatly increase your risk for a variety of other diseases. So, it is important to immediately speak to a physician if you feel as though you may suffer common symptoms of sleep apnea. Do not wait once you feel as though you could possibly have sleep apnea.

When you have sleep apnea and it goes undiagnosed, you increase your risk for heart disease by three times. Additionally, your risk of having a stroke increase by four times. By choosing to not visit a doctor to seek a proper diagnosis and treatment plan like respironics cpap masks or a gel nasal pillow cpap, you are choosing to greatly increase the chances you suffer from a multitude of other diseases, too.

It is likely when you visit a doctor for a diagnosis that you will be prescribed a cpap machine of one kind or another. It is very important that you follow the doctor?s guidelines for using the cpap machine. Unfortunately, statistics show that after one to three weeks, around 50 percent of people who are prescribed cpap machines stop using them despite the doctor?s diagnosis and advice.

If you want to actually see results from using your cpap machine or masks like respironics cpap masks, you must do so as prescribed. It is believed that using a cpap machine for four hours every night for a total of 30 days is necessary to see if it is having a positive impact on your sleep apnea.

Are you unsure whether or not to select a cpap mask or nasal pillow? It is probably best if you try out one based on the description and try out the other if the first one does not meet your needs. Surveys show that both the mask and the pillow are popular as 50 percent of people tend to choose one and 50 percent of people choose the other. When it comes to what is best for you and your specific sleep apnea case, only you can decide whether or not to choose the cpap mask or nasal pillow as a possible treatment plan for your sleep apnea.

After you seek medical advice from a doctor and do the research as to how you want to address your treatment plan, you can get started working toward better nights of sleep. Your sleep apnea does not have to be a constant burden interrupting your sleep every night.

Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea? Have you ever tried respironics cpap masks or nasal pillows to deal with your sleep apnea? Let us know in the comments about your experience.