Chronic pain is something that many adults will have to contend with in their lives, and it can affect many different parts of the body and also come from a wide variety of sources. Around the world, in fact, nearly 1.5 billion people are suffering from chronic pain of one kind or another, according to data from a recent market research. Massage therapy and yoga can often help with chronic pain, such as stretching out tense muscles and relieving pressure on joints and nerves to help deal with chronic pain. Another option is to work with the bones, as in chiropractic care, which can be found across the United States for those that need it. A chiropractor for accident victims, for example, can help someone recover from the pain and stress caused by their injuries, and a chiropractor for accident victims might be found either through an Internet search or by consulting one’s doctor. A resident of Florida, for example, may search “South Tampa Chiropractor office” or “chiropractor for accident victims Boston MA” and find local results. Just how often to Americans suffer from chronic pain to need the benefits of a chiropractor?

Rates of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain exists around the world, and some studies have shown how often it happens to American adults and where it may come from. Back pain is particularly common, such as issues with the muscles and especially the spine. Among American adults aged 45 and under, for example, back pain has been determined as the leading cause of disability, and nearly 28% of adults who have lower back pain report that this pain limits their activity levels. As many as 80% of Americans may experience a back problem at some point in their lives, according to experts, and similarly, nearly one half of all working Americans report having back pain. All together, nearly 31 million Americans are suffering back pain, either with the muscles or the spine, and this problem may persist unless medical help is sought.

What is causing all this back pain, and what can be done about it? Sometimes, it is extreme physical exertion that can cause it, such as at the workplace or while playing sports such as basketball, American football, or hockey. Injuries during the intense sport of American football are common, and the back will often be the target of such medical help. To this end, Doctors of Chiropractic, or DCs, are used by each of the 32 National Football League teams to optimize functionality, endurance, and conditioning of the players for treating neuromussculoskeletal strain injuries. This may range from neck and lower back pain to strains with the hamstring or quadriceps. The bones, muscles, and nerves of such athletes may often suffer extreme stress and thus need the medical attention of a chiropractor or a yoga expert.

Those who have suffered accidents from sports or the workplace, such as construction workers, may also need a chiropractor for accident victims, and the same is true of those who have suffered other trauma like a car wreck, where their muscles and spine are damaged after the collision. A chiropractor for accident victims can help there too, and such services may be included in the patient’s general recovery alongside surgery and medication. Chiropractic work can help restore the function of the spine, the muscles connected to it, and more, and this can relieve pain and put an accident or sports injury victim onto the road to recovery. This can work alongside similar physical therapy (PT) efforts such as yoga, which focuses on bending and stretching the body in natural ways to help relieve stress and pressure on joints, muscles, and bones, and this has often proven highly effective. Yoga does more than just relax casual yoga practitioners at home; it can be a vital part of helping a trauma victim recover from their injuries, and a person may look up local yoga studios or clinics to pay for a series of private sessions with a yoga expert. After a few sessions of this non-invasive PT method, a patient suffering back or joint pain may soon find themselves recovering. This can also relieve stress on the mind, boosting a person’s overall well-being.