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Processed food. Just the sound of the word can send shivers down someone’s back. It is a dangerous kind of food, usually hidden with tons of sodium and preservatives. Some people may say that they are okay, that they are fine. But there’s a reason why many diets advocate removing them altogether.

Processed food is food that has been taken in some way in the factory and altered. There are for instance green beans that are cut in small amount in the produce section. Then there are green beans that are processed in a factory and put into small cans of their own juices. This is the different between natural foods and processed foods.

There are other differences as well. While that can of green beans may be considered healthy, it is likely pumped full of additives and preservatives designed to give it a long shelf life. These additives and preservatives might be in the form of added sodium or major ingredients that keep it fresh while it is sitting in the can.

Processed food may seem like a huge ill today but 20 years ago, processed was the norm. Processed was also something that people likely had no terminology around. It wasn’t “processed”. It was regular food. That’s how far the American diet has come today and how much the conversation has changed around diets.

While processed food may seem like a big ill in society today, so to likely are genetically modified food. This is food that has had its DNA changed in some way, so that it still resembles the same food (generally speaking) but has been altered in some way to influence its longevity, its taste, or its appearance.

Diets can have a large effect on the health of an American. Diets influence a body’s functioning, a person’s weight, a person’s mood and energy level. Diets can influence the very functioning of a person, whether they feel good or not, whether they will have the energy to workout and more.

There are many diet related diseases. Most of them are centered around obesity. These illnesses include diabetes, heart disease, and more. These diseases kill millions if not tens of millions each year. They are weighing down our healthcare system, drawing funding from other sources.

These are significant issues.

Fortunately a diet can be altered for better. This means that a person can take their physical life and turn it around just by following a certain set of rules that will improve the diet. These can include many things but center around having a healthy diet plan, either their own, their doctor’s, or one of the leading diets.

The U.S. News and World Report recently came out with their top 40 American diets. They include the DASH diet, the Mediterranean diet, the Vegan diet, the Ketogenic diet, and more. Some of them were rated highly. Others were criticized for their lack of research and difficulty in following them.

The DASH diet was rated number one in the report. The DASH diet is fairly simple and similar to the Mediterranean diet. The DASH diet generally employs whole foods (foods that are like the green beans in the produce section) and advocates a balanced ratio between carbohydrates, fats, and protein. It recommends a light use of dairy and oil.

Obesity related illnesses plague America however. They can lead to hospitalizations, emergency services, even surgery that is required to repair or remove something in the body. They often lead to premature death. In fact, in spite of all the first world health advancements, life expectancy has not budged in America.

There are many problems associated with obesity. There is diabetes, which can cause sugar spikes and send someone into shock. There is heart disease, which can lead to heart attacks. There are other illnesses as well. In these cases, someone might need to go to a hospital.

And in some extreme cases a person might have to get heart surgery. Heart surgery is a dangerous procedure because a person’s heart is a vital organ to a body. Heart surgery generally should be done by a surgeon. This surgeon is a cardiac surgeon. Heart surgery is important.

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