How to Fix Garage Door Problems and Get a Workout at the Same Time

As a homeowner, it is essential to diagnose and fix the most common garage door issues. The garage door opener may have a mechanical issue if it receives power but is still not functioning properly. The primary gear drive may need to be replaced if the door doesn’t open, but the engine still functions. The […]

Lifting Workout Routine for Contractors

Labor-intensive jobs require regular good healthy nutrition and strength training. Doing low-volume and high-intensity workouts is the way to maintain mass and build muscle. Consumption of high-calorie foods increases energy that keeps them working hard. Contractors need full-body workouts focusing on glutes, legs, chest, arms, core, back, and shoulders. Two to three days a week, […]

Workouts for Roofers and Contractors With Lower Back Pain

Roofing is a notoriously physically demanding job. Roofers are expected to climb ladders, balance on sloped roofs, and carry heavy roofing materials. Many roofers find themselves picking up heavy bundles of roofing supplies from the ground regularly throughout the day. Video Source All of this bending and lifting can easily lead to lower back pain. […]

HIIT Workouts for Police Officers

People interested in police careers are often also interested in physical fitness. In order to be as safe as possible as a police officer, it’s best to be physically fit. In fact, a major aspect of the police academy is physical fitness. Video Source So, whether you’re preparing for a police career or you’re already […]

The Best Custom Cabinets for Home Gyms

If working out is your passion, you almost certainly either have or want to have a home gym. While leaving the house to work out is still a great option, building your own home gym allows you to have perpetual access to all of the workout equipment you love. All of that equipment can become […]

Why Crossfit Workouts Are Great for Roofers

Roofing is a great career with a lot of potential. Even if you don’t have a degree, you can earn a comfortable salary and do work that is truly necessary and useful. However, making roofing your long-term career can come with some downsides. One of the most significant issues roofers face is physical strain and […]