Optometrist doing sight testing for senior patientAre you concerned about the quality and overall functionality of your sight? Perhaps you are concerned about eye sickness or disorders of the eye that you fear may be affecting your ability to see. If so, you should immediately find an optometrist in your area who might be able to provide you with assistance.

Though a single eye is typically only as heavy as a quarter of an once, there are common eye disorders of which one should be aware.

Nearly three and a half million people in the United States who are at least 40 years of age have lost their sight entirely, or are limited to a sight range that is under 20 degrees. Among those who are at least 50 years of age, 1,600,000 of them experience what is known as macular degeneration at least in part due to the aging process. In this process, the retina of the eye is affected in such a way that vision is reduced.

Furthermore, there are 20.5 million Americans who have been diagnosed with cataracts. This affliction involves a kind of “cloudiness” that adversely affects one’s ability to see.

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