Urgent care cost

The issue of health care in this country can be a bit of a touchy one these days. Everyone has an opinion on the subject, just like most important topics that the powers that be work to separate the public on. It seems that we still have quite a bit of work to do as a nation before we reach the point that everyone has access to quality health care. In the meantime, new programs and systems pop up, hoping to help the problem. One thing that we have been seeing more of over the last several years is the use of urgent care clinics, instead of emergency room centers, and sometimes instead of visits to primary physicians.

Heading to urgent care instead

There are a number of reasons why an individual might go to an urgent care center rather than to his or her regular doctor. One of the most common reasons is that there are accidents, illnesses, and ailments that pop up unexpectedly that warrant immediate attention. Sometimes they are serious enough to consider heading to the emergency room, and sometimes they are less pressing but still should be addressed sooner rather than later. Less than 30% of primary car physicians offer care after hours, and sometimes these serious health issues arise outside of normal business hours. Sometimes your doctor’s office is booked and you are unable to get an appointment on the day that you need it. Whatever the case may be, urgent care centers often provide the solution.

Urgent care for medical tests

A recent estimate puts the number of patients visiting urgent care clinics throughout the country at about 3 million every week. Another study showed that nearly half of adult patients visiting the emergency room but not ill enough to be admitted to stay in the hospital were seeking treatment there because their primary doctor’s offices were not open. Yet emergency room visits can cost 10 times the amount a patient would end up paying at an urgent care center. Finding your way to an urgent care clinic instead could be a smart move. This could be especially true if you are in need of medical tests such as cheap STD testing.

Many people are unsure where to get STD testing, and many people do not feel comfortable asking. But finding cheap STD testing is essential, as it is important to know your results, and finding an affordable place to get the testing will encourage more people to get it done. Urgent care centers could be helpful in this avenue as well.

Whether you are seeking cheap STD testing or care outside of your doctor’s office hours, urgent care is a good way to go. Knowing where your local centers are located can be an incredibly helpful thing to know ahead of time.