When setting up a home gym, the flooring needs careful consideration. From weightlifting to doing yoga, having a good floor is important. This video highlights the best flooring services for home gyms.

Types of Flooring:

1. Rubber flooring

This is very popular and widely used. It protects your foundation from heavy weights.

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It also provides a grip for movements like squatting. Different types of rubber flooring:

  • Horse stall mats (highly recommended). They come in 4 by 6 rolls and are ¾ inches thick.
  • Square tiles
  • Rubber rolls – these also come as highly recommended and come in various sizes and do not move much.

2. EVA foam

These are not recommended. They collect dust and mold can even form underneath. They shift easily and do not provide a stable surface for certain exercises.

3. Carpet or turf

This has a thick foam on the bottom, and it is great for exercise.


If the gym is in the garage, use horse stall mats. Air out horse stall mats to get rid of the smell. Use natural cleaners to wipe the floors.

See what flooring services suit your needs and purchase accordingly.