If you’re using a wheelchair, you aren’t alone. One study found that almost 3.6 million people throughout the United States over 15 years old use a wheelchair. Fortunately, many buildings and transportation services provide optimal accommodations to people who use wheelchairs. Research shows that nearly 98% of public transportation buses are able to properly equipped to accommodate wheelchair users. However, things might change once you arrive at your destination. It’s important to consider wheelchair alterations that best suit your needs. Considering that, here are four popular wheelchair alterations to consider while traveling.

  • Upgrading Footrests

    Throughout any vacation, there will be certain periods of downtime. With that in mind, it’s wise to ensure you have comfortable footrests. It’s rare to find wheelchairs that don’t feature footrests. However, certain wheelchair users feel that standard footrests don’t provide adequate comfort. If you’re wanting something that feels better, consider finding wheelchair footrests offering maximum comfort.
  • New Wheelchair Bearings

    No wheelchair user wants to travel while dealing with noisy wheel bearings. Old or worn down bearings cause your wheelchair to squeak as you move, leading to unpleasant situations. To avoid this problem, you’ll want to consider replacing your bearings before traveling. In addition to avoiding constant wheel squeaking, you should notice that you’ll be able to travel slightly faster than normal.
  • Off Road Wheelchair Tires

    While traveling in certain areas, you’ll sometimes find yourself off the beaten path. Unfortunately, this often becomes a burden for wheelchair users without the right kind of tires. If you’re wanting to stray from sidewalks and similar paths, consider purchasing a set of off road wheelchair tires. These tires provide traction and durability, helping you to navigate multiple types of terrain in a safe manner.
  • Wheelchair Hand Rim Grips

    It’s understandable to feel that standard rim grips don’t provide enough comfort. There’s almost nothing worse than using wheelchair grips that cause discomfort while you’re trying to enjoy traveling. Considering that, you might think about upgrading your wheelchair’s hand rim grips. There are many types of grips available that provide immense comfort, perfect for traveling long distances.

To summarize, it’s important to consider certain types of wheelchair alterations before traveling. Recent research shows that nearly 650 million people are living with some type of disability. That being said, having a disability shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the experience of traveling to a new location. Taking a vacation is about enjoying yourself, not dealing with a wheelchair that feels burdensome to use. Updating your wheelchair with certain alterations helps to ensure you’ll have a great time, no matter where you’re traveling.