This informational video talks about the leading ways people usually lose motorcycle accident cases and settlements that they might have been awarded by a court. The video is hosted by Justin Ziegler, a motorcycle accident lawyer who practices in the United States in Florida. He highlights the mistakes one can make to cause them to miss out on motorcycle accident payments or get a very small amount of money, and how to avoid these crucial errors.

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The video also covers the key scenarios that generally contribute to people losing out on their awards. He breaks down what each situation means in an easy-to-understand language, the repercussions, and the things to look out for, in the event the viewer finds themselves in such a position.
The lawyer also educates his viewer about insurance coverage and how it relates to being able to pay for their injuries, as well as the examples of when a victim would have to cover their own costs. Justin Ziegler also guides the viewer on where to find resources to cover uninsured vehicles or motorcycles and where to look when they want to prove fault on the part of the second driver. Watch this video if you’ve been the victim of a motorcycle accident.