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Most people in the United States have heard of Botox by now. It is, after all, the most popular noninvasive cosmetic treatment in the country. What is Botox, though? Botox is made from botulinum toxin type A. It is used to both provide cosmetic benefits and treat certain medical conditions. For the most part, it reduces wrinkles and provides skin rejuvenation, and it also treats conditions like hyperhidrosis and blepharospasm, among others. The results of Botox last about four months, on average.

Yet what many people don’t realize is that there is another option out there: Xeomin. The Xeomin Botox alternative can also have cosmetic and health benefits and may be right for those who can’t use Botox. Here are three facts you must know about the Xeomin Botox alternative if you’re consider a wrinkle reduction procedure or medical treatment:

    • Xeomin is made with no additives. Unlike Botox, which contains additional ingredients, Xeomin only contains the botulinum toxin type A. That may sound scary to some people, but this “naked” treatment may actually prevent your body from creating antibodies to attack the toxin. It also does not need to be refrigerated.


    • Xeomin needs to be used safely. In recent years, the prevalence of “Botox parties” became a matter of public concern after several people developed adverse reactions to the injections, and some even died due to the unsanitary conditions. Xeomin, like Botox and other injectables, should be used in a clinical environment only.


  • Xeomin can be used just like Botox. Xeomin is remarkably similar to Botox in that it can be injected at the same dosages. It also is used for the same purposes, especially in cosmetic procedures. Xeomin is also somewhat cheaper than Botox.

If you’ve been asking yourself questions like “Do I need Botox?” or “Will Botox help me?”, then you may want to discover whether the Xeomin Botox alternative is right for you, too. Talk with a doctor to find out more. If you have any general questions or comments, leave one in the space provided below.

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