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Walk In Health Clinics Are Convenient Options for College Students

Several family transitions in life are difficult. Some are difficult for the children in a family. Some transitions are more difficult for the adults. Moving children into college for the first time may be one of the most difficult of

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Going to the Emergency Room

Having to go to the emergency room in hospital is never a welcome thought. Especially if you are having to take your children. Even if they have the best doctors and the most up to date medical help, you still

Addiction is Real and Cannot be Ignored Benefits of Treatment Facilities and New Treatment Options

Addiction is not a new word. People have been addicted to various substances for centuries, from opium to alcohol and beyond. But before you joke around about how addicting a food is, you should know that adults and teenagers suffer

Three Signs Your Loved One May Be an Addict

If you have known someone with an alcohol addiction, you know that it can be a debilitating, life shattering illness. While society has an almost romantic idea of alcohol mostly due to media portrayals and its ubiquitous presence in everyday

How to Find the Right Medical Specialist

One unfortunate truth of life is that health can be fleeting. Even the most healthy people can fall ill — 50% of patients who suffer their first heart attack have “normal” cholesterol. Indeed, there were over 51.4 million procedures performed