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Having to go to the emergency room in hospital is never a welcome thought. Especially if you are having to take your children. Even if they have the best doctors and the most up to date medical help, you still never want to have to be there. When my first born was two months old he was having breathing problems so we took him in and he ended up being admitted for three days. It was the scariest three days of my life but even worse than that, was the initial waiting in the emergency room in hospital. It was torture not knowing what was going on with my little baby. So, here are some things to remember for parents when having to take your children to the emergency room in hospital. Hopefully they will help you be able to be better deal with your own emotions and anxieties.

You’re in the best place you could be.
When you are at home, anything could go wrong. If your child is having some sort of attack or is sick, there is only so much that you can do for them. When you are in the emergency room in hospital, you are released of your burden of being responsible for your child’s health. The best place that you could be is the hospital where you are surrounded by medical professionals. Even if you are sitting in the waiting room, if something were to take a turn for the worst, doctors and nurses are at your finger tips and you don’t have to worry about being the one to figure everything out. Being in the ER should be where you can begin to calm down and relax. It is out of your hands now and the doctors are here to take care of it all.

The best thing you could do is remain calm.
This is a difficult one. The child will feed off of your emotions. This means that as the parent, you must constantly be in complete control of your emotions and stress level. If your child is sick or unwell somehow, he or she should not be getting more upset and panicky because they see you freaking out. They should be able to find a sense of calm and security in the fact that their parent is simply waiting patiently for results and should have no idea how scared you really are. It actually can cause your child to be become even worse in their condition if they begin to panic about it. The best thing that you can do for your child is to remain calm, kind and loving. The child does not need to know how severe a situation may be, they are not equipped to handle it, so you have to be the strength for both of you. You will accomplish nothing except to continue to hurt your child by stressing out about everything.

It is always best if you trust your doctors.
It is perfectly okay to ask as many questions as you want and even get a second opinion if time allows. However, you have to remember that the doctors in the emergency room have probably seen this situation before and not only that, they have gone through many years of medical training in order to effectively and efficiently diagnose and treat your child. While the Internet can give a false sense of being informed, doctors truly are knowledgeable and know what they are doing. If you can trust that your doctors are making the right choice and believe in them, then your child will be able to be more quickly diagnosed and in turn, treated. The longer you fight with the doctors, the longer it will be before you child is able to feel any relief. Doctors and nurses should be you a breath of fresh air because they can care for your child better than you can at this point.

Hopefully these three thoughts will help you to be flexible and workable when going to the emergency room. Keep in mind these three simple things and your hospital visit will go a lot quicker and smoother.