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When it comes to sleep apnea in the United States, the statistics are pretty sobering to hear. One out of every five adults has mild obstructive sleep apnea and many of those adults who are suffering from this condition are not receiving the proper treatment.

Many of them understand that without some sort of sleeping aid, they very well might die in their sleep. CPAP supplies and other home medical equipment that might be needed for whatever condition you might be dealing with can be found at one of your local medical supply stores.

Sleep apnea is a condition that doctors continue to learn more about every year. For different reasons, the individual with this condition has his or her breathing obstructed to a degree that ranges from bothersome to possibly deadly. CPAP equipment is what has been found to help people with this condition and this kind of equipment, found in medical supply stores, can give sufferers the opportunity to get the sleep that is vital to their lives as it is for every one of us.

What most people do not take the time to properly realize is that with a significant loss of sleep comes a waking time that can be very dangerous to others as well as ourselves. Sleep is what allows our bodies to function during the day. Without proper sleep, we can, over time, lose control of ourselves when we are supposed to be awake.

Dosing off and flat out falling asleep while on the job or behind the wheel of an automobile can lead to significant damage. People who suffer from sleep apnea increase their chances of being involved in a traffic accident 15-fold if they go untreated. In fact, if all drivers in the United States who had sleep apnea were treated, 980 lives would be saved every year and it would save roughly $11.1 billion in collision costs.

There are many conditions out there where a doctor can treat you and you can simply take the medicine that you would get from the pharmacy. But there are times, and such is the case with sleep apnea, where you need medical supply stores to help you treat yourself over the long run. Sleep apnea is one of those times.