Medical care on a regular basis is hugely important, for men and women and children alike. From preventative medical care to seeking out medical care in cases of injury or illness (or some unfortunate combination of the two), getting medical care should be a top priority for all people. Unfortunately, however, medical care is not always as accessible as it should be.

In fact, there is a current shortage of doctors out there, with the projected need for more than fifty thousand more practicing doctors by the time that we reach the year of 2025, which is now considerably less than ten years away. For many people, simply finding family care providers who can take them on is a matter of difficulty. But family care physicians are also prohibitive for other reasons as well.

For instance, many find that they simply are not able to find the time to go into a family care practice, as these practices tend to only operate during regular business hours. If someone is not easily able to take the time off of work to go in, it can be difficult for them to get the medical care that they need. Of course, going to the emergency room is always an option, but an emergency room visit is far from ideal for a wide variety of reasons.

One of those reasons is cost. Emergency room care can be incredibly prohibitive when it comes to the overall cost, as it is all too likely that the cost of your visit – even for a minor condition – will exceed on thousand dollars. And in addition to this, emergency rooms waste a good deal of your valuable time, as the average waiting time for emergency rooms all throughout the country has now risen to a staggering fifty eight minutes. In many cases, depending on the emergency room itself, this wait time is likely to be even higher.

So what’s the alternative? It’s places like urgent care centers, such as a health clinic for women. A health clinic for women, along with other types of walk in clinics, can provide accessible healthcare for those who cannot go to their general care practitioner and who are trying to avoid the emergency room as much as they possibly can. A health clinic for women can provide accessible healthcare to those who are in need of it and medical clinics such as your average health clinic for women are on the rise.

In fact, up to twenty thousand doctors are employed in urgent care centers all throughout the country, providing a valuable resource in the form of medical care. Currently, it’s estimated that about three million people are visiting various urgent care center locations over the course of the week. From the health clinic for women to the health clinic for children, there is now accessible healthcare out there for just about everyone.

But why a specialty health clinic for women? Simply put, women often have other health needs, ones that men and young children do not have. A health clinic for women, for example, might be able to provide services like Pap smears and pregnancy tests, two types of testing that are specific to women and not to other populations. A health clinic for women will also likely be able to provide services like free and fast STD testing, something that can have a huge impact on anyone’s life, no matter what their gender or biological sex.

Breast health is important for all women too, as proper breast examinations on a regular basis can help to catch breast cancer early and treat it while it is still in a highly treatable stage. Too often women don’t have access to the medical care that they need and are not able to have conditions like breast cancer diagnosed early enough to make a difference – or to avoid a long and difficult process of treatment for it. Thanks to the spread of the health clinic for women, though, this is changing and breast health is becoming more of a regularly discussed topic than it has ever been before here in the United States and throughout the world.